Flowered Flamingo- Acrylic

Into the Woods-Acrylic

Scarlet Macaw-Watercolor


Coral Peony-Acrylic

Earths Night Sky-Acrylic

Moonlight Dance-Acrylic

Whale Shark-Ink and Watercolor


Dual Hummingbirds-Ink

European Roller and Wisteria-Watercolor

Zebra-Ink and Watercolor

Octopus on Anchor- Watercolor

Flourishing Butterfly- Ink and Watercolor

Aspen Forest- Watercolor

A Sailors Dream- Watercolor

Bonsai- Watercolor

Ablaze- Watercolor

Sloth- Watercolor

Lions Head- Ink and Watercolor

Baby Panda Watercolor

Inky Octopus- Ink

Leafy Seadragon- Ink

Butterfly Drip- Watercolor

Busted Melody- Watercolor

Flowing Jellyfish- Ink and Watercolor

Blue Succulent -Drip Watercolor

Butterfly- Ink

Owl Drip- Watercolor

Colors of Dusk-Acrylic

The Majestic Peacock- Ink and Watercolor

Dragonfly Drip- Ink and Watercolor

Chameleon- Watercolor

Elephant- Watercolor

Baby Squirrel- Watercolor

Bleeding Heart-Watercolor

Eutopia- Acrylic

Wolf Drip- Ink and Watercolor

Dancing Flamingo Drip- Watercolor

Baby Giraffe- Watercolor

Under the Seahorse- Watercolor

Hedgehoglet- Watercolor

Tiger Eyes Drip- Watercolor

Sunkissed Ocean- Acrylic

Dolphin Waves- Acrylic

The Real Unicorn- Watercolor

Inseparable- Watercolor

Bumble Bee Drip- Ink and Watercolor

Seashell Succulent- Watercolor

Roseate Spoonbill- Acrylic

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